Affiliations & Appointments


Barreau du Québec (Quebec Bar Association) (member 2011 - present)

Jurists-in-Residence Program, Concordia University (2022- )

Senior Fellow, Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights (2017 - )

UNDP GPN Roster Expert in Rapid Responses in Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Equitas: International Human Rights Training Program, Facilitator (2013-2015)

Canadian Bar Association (Quebec Section) Executive Committee, Human Rights and Constitutional Law Section (Quebec, 2009-2013)

Steering Committee, International Interculturalism Symposium 2011 (2010 - 2011)

Legal committee (consultative), Commission de consultation sur les pratiques d'accommodement reliées aux différences culturelles (Bouchard-Taylor Commission)

Advisory Committee on Justice, Minister of Justice (Canada) (2005)


PKI Global Justice Journal, Faculty of Law, Queen's University. Editorial Board.

Charter and Human Rights Litigation (Federated Press) 1992-2016


Associate Professor (Professional) Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University (2021- )

Co-Chair, Gender and Domestic Violence, Quebec Homelessness Prevention Policy Collaborative (2021 - )

Core Faculty Group. Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University (2019- )

Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University (2020-2022)

Teaching Faculty and Associate Member, Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University (2019-2021 )

Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Law, Queen's University (2019-20)

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University (2017-2021)

Full Member, McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism


Clinical Supervisor, International Human Rights Program (Faculty of Law, University of Toronto (2011-2012)

Member, Interdisciplinary Network on Discrimination and Inclusion (McGill Faculty of Law) (2013-2016)


INTEVAL (International Research Group on Policy and Program Evaluation) (2002-)

IPDET (International Program for Development of Evaluation Training) (2015-2016)

Barreau du Québec