Law Practice in Human Rights, National Institutions & Democratic Governance

I am a lawyer in private practice, based in Montreal, focusing mainly on  human rights, national institutions and democratic governance. 

With more than 25 years’ experience in human rights, public policy and civil society, I have successfully led complex, global and projects on law reform, access to justice and capacity assessment, and worked with in-country missions in eight countries. 

Member of the Barreau du Québec, Law Society of Ontario 

Country working experience:  Canada, China, Ethiopia, Iraq, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Timor Leste

Academic: Associate Professor (Professional)  Max Bell School of Public Policy.  Instructor, Faculty of Law, McGill University.  

RightsBlog: Developments in Human Rights 


Civil Liberties and Fundamental Freedoms: 10+ years experience teaching civil liberties, dissent and democracy at the university level. 

Civil Society: Coalition-building, CSO leadership, supporting an enabling environment for CSOs, preventing reprisals. 

Equality rights:  Gender equality, human rights complaints processes; minority rights, including linguistic rights. 

Housing rights: Right to adequate housing, incorporating internaitonal standards into national law. 

National Institutions: Establishment and strengthening of NHRIs (commissions, ombudsperson institutions, transitional justice institutions, cultural human rights institutions, human rights tribunals); strategic planning, organizational development; technical assistance & training;  legal reform and statutory drafting; capacity assessment and evaluation; developing and re-engineering complaints systems, public policy capacity and international liaison; 

Public interest litigation and social justice advocacy: Public interest litigation and community-based social justice advocacy. 

Rule of Law: Sector reform; judicial independence. 

Women's rights: Protections against violence against women; community engagement with women's shelters.