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Published commentary and opinion pieces on human rights and public policy issues, including in PostMedia, OpenCanada, The Conversation, the Edmonton Journal, the Hill Times, La Presse, the National Post and the Winnipeg Free Press. She has also published articles in Alberta Views and Maisonneuve. 
Pearl has appeared on CBC's The Current, This Morning (Shelagh Rogers); Day 6 (Brent Bambury), Daybreak (Mike Finnerty); Michael Enright's Sunday EditionCross Country Checkup, CBC's Homerun and Radio Noon (Shawn Appel). She has also appeared on RDI's Téléjournal, Michel Lacombe's "Ouvert le samedi", Atlantic Canada's “The Todd Veinotte Show”, with Tommy Schnurmacher and Aaron Rand on CJAD 800, and Todd van der Heydenand's Viewpoint  

"Crimes against humanity have been committed in Cameroon. Let’s not turn away" 5 Human Rights Issues that Need Attention OpenCanada.org May 31 2019.

Unjust Bill 21 dispenses with an array of rights, Montreal Gazette, April 15, 2019.

"Curbing rights would violate treaty obligations" (Bill 21) Montreal Gazette October 11 2018 (Available on PressReader.com)

Respect accessibility rights, boost public transit ridership Montreal Gazette July 25 5 2018

A Disservice to Murray and the Museum Winnipeg Free Press October 17, 2014 (with Ken Norman)

CMHR A Symbol for Dissent and Protest Winnipeg Free Press September 24 2014

Quebec's Charter of Values Globe and Mail, August 22 2013 (ONLINE)

An Important Victory for Kenya's 160 Girls, Montreal Gazette July 2 2013. Reprinted, Edmonton Journal July 4 2013.

Changes Proposed by Bill 14 Risk Serious Rights Violations, Montreal Gazette, April 19, 2013.

Whatcott SCC Ruling: Fair and Balanced, Montreal Gazette (February 27, 2013) 

BILL 14 CHIPS AWAY AT ENGLISH MINORITY RIGHTS Montreal Gazette, December 11, 2012.

CANADIAN-AFRICAN PARTNERSHIP 160 GIRLS TRYING TO PUT AN END TO RAPE IN KENYA Montreal Gazette, Windsor Star, Wednesday, September 25, 2012).

Pearl Eliadis and Audrey Macklin, MINISTER TOEWS MUST APPROVE OMAR'S TRANSFER NOW, Hill Times, 9 July 2012. "Countries, like people, are considered to be more respectable and reliable when they demonstrate... trustworthiness, keeping promises... By these standards alone, Canada’s standing has plummeted as a result of its handling of Omar Khadr."

THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY SHOULD NOT BE A RIGHTS-FREE ZONE (Montreal Gazette, January 26, 2011) "The kirpan debate: It's about equality"

WHY NOT ALL SPEECH SHOULD BE FREE (Ottawa Citizen, November 29, 2010) Response to Mark Mercer

SUPREME COURT WAS RIGHT IN ITS DECISION ON JEWISH DIVORCE (Montreal Gazette, Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Top judges signal that religious rights be put on the same scale as other rights.

QUITE SIMPLY, TORTURE IS A CRIME (Montreal Gazette, May 2, 2009) "The influence of democratic countries plummets when the rule of law becomes nothing more than sanctimonious sermons reserved for less developed nations."

HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMISSIONS ARE GETTING A BAD RAP (Montreal Gazette, April 10, 2008). "Sure, there are some excesses, but the commissions still do a lot of good work."

TOUS LES DROITS SONT ÉGAUX (La Presse, le dimanche 21 octobre 2007) "Le Conseil du statut de la femme du Québec veut que soit établie une règle qui permettrait aux droits des femmes à l'égalité de primer sur la liberté de religion. M Charest, lui, nous propose des odifications à la Charte québécoise qui auraient pour effet de concrétiser cette proposition."

QUEBEC STATUS OF WOMEN'S POSITION IS AN ATTACK ON MINORITY RIGHTS (October 7, 2007). There should be no hierarchy of rights in Canada - all rights are equal

MEDIA ARE GETTING ALL LATHERED UP OVER NOTHING (Montreal Gazette, Monday, February 18, 2008). Human-rights cases against Maclean's and Levant are nothing to get excited about; "A controversy has been ignited over the climate of free speech in Canada.... "

ROBIN PHILPOT’S INCONVENIENT DENIAL (Montreal Gazette, March 17, 2007. “Calling what happened in Rwanda genocide is not an exaggeration, a racist fantasy or a colonial plot as PQ candidate’s book would have us believe.”


Selected Recent Interviews

CBC The !80 with Jim Brown: DEBATE: Are we asking for too many rights? Thursday June 04, 2015

CBC's Day 6, Should Canada Impose Exit Controls? April 2014 

CBC Radio, Home Run "Landmark legal victory for Kenyan rape victim" With Sue Smith 27 May 2013

Montreal Gazette: Trial ignites broader debate "I think we're fascinated right now with the concept of honour killings - but the ...label doesn't change what the underlying activity is. It's a violent assault on women because they're women.' - A3 January 31 2011. more
Alumni in the Spotlight: Pearl Eliadis (2010) McGill University 
Beaudoin, 'Regard international sur le Québec', Journal du Barreau 2011 at 22. 
Human Rights Commissions, Law is Cool (2008) 
Myriam Jezequel, Les 15 ans du Tribunal des droits de la personne : Bilan, constat et avenues Journal du Barreau (2005).




2013. McGill University Lecture, International Women's Week: The Muriel V. Roscoe Lecture: A World at War with Women. (McGill Women's Alumnae Association)

2012. Lawyers Rights Watch Canada. Keynote Remarks: Day of Dissent (Vancouver)

2011. Legal Frontiers. Entretien avec Pearl Eliadis

2008. "The Controversy Entrepreneurs" on the Maclean's hate speech debates appeared in Maisonneuve magazine (no. 29). 




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